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Dives sites around Bira

“The Boat”

“The Boat” named after it’s primary function, will take you from dive sites to dive sites in a matter of minutes. We go out almost every day so we will easily find you a spot on “the boat”. With a maximum capacity of 8 divers + 2 Instructors or Dive Masters + 2 crew, you will be confortably seated. We do 2 dives in a row, with one hour of surface interval inbetween, where a free lunch is provided.

On the eastern tip of Southern Sulawesi lies the hidden gem of Bira. Separating the Flores Sea and the Gulf of Boni, this piece of paradise is undoubtedly one of the best places to dive in Indonesia. You can expect crystal clear waters, pristine coral reef and abundant marine life! From schools of thousands of triggerfish to rays and reef sharks, Bira will not disappoint. We offer a wide range of services, including both fun dives and courses.

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Fun Dives

With over 20 dive sites around Bira to choose from and all accessible within 40 minutes, Blue Planet Dive Resort offers the best in the area. Here we have beautiful walls and nice sandy bottoms, attracting not only the small critters but also the bigger fish, sharks and rays. Trying hard to keep customer satisfaction at its highest, groups will have a maximum of 4 divers per divemaster and a maximum dive time of one hour. Oxygen kits and fresh drinking water will be readily available on the boat, and a free meal is available to make the surface interval more enjoyable.

10% off with 5+ dives

550,000 IDR

person takes photo of tortoise


(8/9 YRS +)

Younger kids can experience diving as well with this introductory course! Limited to 2 students per instructor, max depth 5m.

700,000 Rp

Scuba Diver

(10 YRS+)

Don’t have enough time to commit 3 days to scuba diving and can only do 2 instead? This introductory course provides a basic overview of the theory and skills required for diving and includes two open water dives. Becoming a Scuba Diver allows you to dive anywhere in the world with a diving professional. Max depth 12m.

2 days
3,000,000 Rp

React Right + Rescue

(15 YRS+)

Confident in your diving skills but now want to take more responsibility if and when the unwanted scenario ever arises? Undertaken in 3.5 days, guided under the watchful eye of our experienced instructors, you will learn on and in-water techniques in order to maintain and save a life of a fellow diver. Making the rescue as realistic as safety allows, this course will make you a better and safer diver.

3 – 4 days
6,600,000 Rp

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